Canada immigration. How much it will cost to me?

Canada immigration. How much will it cost? How much it will cost me services of a Canadian immigration professional (Canadian Registered immigration consultant – CRIC).

First, every case is unique, every situation is unique, however, we will try to calculate those numbers which approximately universal for every applicant from every single country in the world.

Second, everything starts with the calculations with the official provincial or/ federal fees for Canada immigration. They are roughly something close to 1000 Canadian dollars for each adult applicant and 3-4 hundred per child. The main portion of these expenses is paid in case of a successful ending of the immigration procedure before filing an application for an immigration visa.

During 2016 average exchange rate of the Canadian dollar to US dollar was 0.74. It means that 1000 Canadian dollars equal 740 US dollars.

Third, you would have to prepare to put additional expenses to make your educational credentials assessment. It will cost you around 400 Canadian dollars for the assessment company fees, for the postal fees, taxes and so on.

Fourth, translation, notary services around $500 together.

Fifth, medical examinations for Canada immigration costs vary from country to country and may reach up to 900 Canadian dollars in some countries.

And last, fees of immigration representatives – CRIC, of course, depends on Canada immigration program, however, in most common cases, are around 5000-7000 Canadian dollars.