IELTS writing Topics

ielts writing

Topics for practice.

Writing task 1
1. Your friend has recently written to you to find out about your college

Describe why you chose this college
Drawbacks of it
Would you recommend it to your friend
2. One of your friends invited you for a meal with his/her family in their home. Write a letter to your friend and say:

Thank him and tell about the meal you enjoyed the most
What else you liked about this visit
Suggest some arrangement to meet again
3. Your company recently used the conference facilities of a hotel, but you had some problems at the conference center. Write a letter to the Hotel Manager, describing:

What was the problem?
How did it affect your group?
What do you want them to do?

Writing task 2
– Some people believe that the most effective way to tackle industrial pollution is to tax factories generating it. Others say there are alternatives to handle it. Discuss both sides and provide your opinion. Use pattern

– Some people believe school children should be given multiple shorter vacations while others believe they should get one long vacation. Discuss both views and give your point of view. Use a pattern

– For more and more people wearing fashionable clothes is becoming important. İs this attitude to wearing clothes positive or negative development?