About us

Canadian Genuine Immigration Centre is a full range multilingual immigration consulting firm  (licence R 516972) based in Montreal, Quebec that provides expert advice and representation to clients in Canada and worldwide.
Canadian Genuine Immigration Centre understands the Canadian immigration and citizenship process and can help pave this process for families and individuals wanting to become permanent residents or seeking to travel to Canada to visit, work, or study.
Canada is a vibrant nation that continues to attract new immigrants and visitors from all over the globe. We recognize and acknowledge that the world has transformed into a ‘Global Village’. Personal and professional relationships have stretched further than the domestic boundaries. Both individuals and corporate houses rely heavily on global exchange of resources, be it for personal development or professional development, to advance in their endeavours. We recognize this modern trend and strive to utilize our vast immigration expertise and resources to simplify the process of relocation in accordance with the evolving needs and immigration laws.
We believe that people are the focal point of any immigration process. In this age of distrust and safety concerns, it is easy to get distracted by complications of immigration laws and shift focus from the most important subject in the entire process- the people. Canadian Genuine Immigration Centre recognizes that ‘the people’ are the most significant aspect of every immigration process.
Our primary objective is to use our experience, skills, and technological resources to minimize anxiety and to provide peace of mind while you or your organization take charge of more important matters of concern.
Canadian Genuine Immigration Centre is sworn to provide specialized expertise, services, and counseling with an exceptional standard of work ethics. Our macrocosmic focus defines the long-lasting client relationships. Driven by a team of highly qualified specialists Canadian Genuine Immigration Centre is a multi-specialty immigration service firm that brings an extremely distinctive perspective to our valued client relationships.